Sunday, January 26, 2014

Coca-Cola: How Compelling Content, #Storytelling and Technology Is Used To Engage With Customers

When working on new ideas, the hardest part is just getting started or knowing what the best first steps areThe key is to find that time and place when/where you're most creative. Like meditation or hypnosis, you just don't arrive, you have to condition the mind to be in a certain state.

How does one create compelling content using tools that are available to the individual entrepreneur, medium sized business or Global 500 corporation?

It starts with YOUR creative conscious, there's no better tool than your brain and its infinite creative potential but how do the BIG BOYS use content and technology to engage with their customers?

We all have our own ideas on how to engage with customers but when it comes to advertising, storytelling and customer engagement, its hard to rival a juggernaut like Coca Cola. I'll spare you the fanboy talk but there are very few corporations in history that get it right when it comes to creating compelling content that stimulates customers engagement [something we can all learn from].

So before you click on the video below, why not Have a Coke and a smile.

Youtube is becoming an endless talent pool for corporations [like Coca Cola] to pull talent from.

Ever heard of Kurt Hugo Schneider?

He knows a thing or two about viral video. Kurt grew his fanbase from the bottom up and knows how to connect with his audience. No surprise that Coca Cola wanted in on this built-in fanbase.

My favorite Kurt Hugo Schneider video is this mashup of "Love The Way You Lie". When you see the hits on this videos, it's easy to see why Coke and Kurt are a good match.

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