Thursday, January 16, 2014

Online Privacy: Where Do We Go From Here?

Online privacy is in the news again and its not what you want to hear. Turns out that the Target hack was bigger than reported [no surprise there] and customers are being urged to monitor their accounts for strange activity.  

For years, Internet security analysts have been warning us that if companies don't change their ways, this could happen and it seems to be happening with a fair amount of regularity.

As e-commerce continues to grow exponentially, the question to ask is, "what kind of protection do you have when you use open wifi networks and online stores"?

At this time, not much...

Every time you use Starbuck's or McDonald's open network you're taking a risk of your information being pulled down from the network with ease, like low hanging fruit on a tree.

Online shopping and social networks are not going away anytime soon. So what will companies do to protect your data when you go online or visit a social media? Only time will tell but knowing how we got here is the first step in knowing where you're going.

The Sad State of Social Media Privacy

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