Saturday, January 11, 2014

Privacy, Your Data And Who Has Access To It

NSA, Facebook and Target have all been in the media recently for online privacy abuse and issues concerning your online data.

Mobile is singlehandedly changing the landscape of how we shop online, communicate and conduct our day-to-day lives [banking, messaging, bill pay, etc].  

All too often, we assume that our personal data is safe in the networks of corporations [on their servers] and other online networks we share our data with.

However, many times its no safer than leaving your door wide open on a busy city street hoping that no one will take a peek inside.

As we progressively move forward with mobile technologies and other online solutions, when can the user/consumer feel safe going forward using search, ecommerce or any social media platform of their choosing? With every click of a mouse button, its just another click towards revealing more about who you are and how others may take advantage of that information you'd rather keep private.

Who is Spying On You on The Internet

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