Tuesday, February 11, 2014

How #Brands Are #Advertising Online Through Causes [#socialbranding]

Everyone has something to say online, even your favorite brands are getting in on the action. You can SaveTheWhales, SaveTheChildren or SaveALife.

In the past, companies stayed far away from political topics or anything dealing in controversy. Now, they're being chastised for not having a stance on social issues that matter to their customers.

Of course, this is a very slippery slope and can easily backfire if you push the edge too far. The key to being edgy with social branding is to be honest and sincere with your approach.

People see through fluff and the moment they spot it.

You're done.

Game over.

You've missed the target and there's egg on your face.

Social branding is about being in touch with the issues, your customers and showing them that you care about the same issues they read and share everyday.

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