Friday, March 14, 2014

The Effect and Meaning Of Colors

Everyday, in the visual world, we live our lives by the colors we see through our eyes. Color can tell us if something is good to eat [or not] based on the color of the product.

Color determines how we move in traffic. 
Green is for GO. Yellow is for CAUTION. Red is for STOP.

Think of the fashion industry and how color defines an entire season of clothing. Designers see color in an entirely different way than the average person. Color sets the emotional fortitude of an evening dress or the pizzazz of a multicolored scarf is an essential accessory for the sartorial.

What does color mean in marketing? Does color really matter to you when you buy a new jacket, a car or pair of shoes.

You bet it does. 

Color plays a significant roll in every decision we make throughout our day and eventually throughout our entire lives.

In history, man has used color to unify [with flags] and also separate [with borders]. Color is one of those things we live with day-to-day and is being used more as a visualization tool instead of words.

Its a lots easier to communicate with colors on a map than text. 

Unfortunately, color has a dark side, as color was often used to oppress. Every country on this planet has had a negative relationship with the human side of color. You can look around and see color in everything you do.

In the future, I look forward to a world that isn't colorless but more colorful.

The Meaning Of Colour In Marketing

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