Thursday, April 3, 2014

How To Be A Billionaire [Or Die Trying]

In today's global economy, it's not OK just "making it to get by" because its getting harder for the average person to "make it" to get by.

[Disclaimer] This is not communist/socialist propaganda or a plot to overthrow the government.

Just a commentary on the socio-economics of today.

With that being said, "is this the reason why so many people are interested in entrepreneurship and starting up their own business"? With 401K's being something of the past, many see large enterprise organizations or LORGS [Boeing, General Electric or GM] as a surefire way to early impoverishment?

Sometimes you find a small grain of the future by looking in the past.

This time in music.

To give you some perspective on the song below, Apple debuted The Macintosh one year earlier and aired this commercial during the Super Bowl.

What did people know in 1984 about the socio-economics of today?

Was this a prediction of the future to come?

ABC was on to something when they released "How To Be A Millionaire".

"I've seen the future, I can't afford it..." [lyrics from English Synth Pop group, ABC]

2014 Forbes Billionaire Facts & Figures

Now that you've read how fabulously rich these guys are [and you're not]. Let's take a look at how wealth is not always a good thing for ALL people. Moreover, without wealth, how can one be inspired by others to achieve greatness in their own lives or help those that need a hand to rise above economic inequalities?

There is no one answer to this very complex global phenomenon. One thing we can say is that wealth and poverty has been around since the birth of civilization. There will be those that prosper and those that may not necessarily win the birth lottery.

How do you feel about your chances for success or economic greatness?

In today's society, is success being a millionaire or billionaire?

Only you can answer that question.

[The animated infographic below is for informational purposes only and should not be viewed as a political statement]

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