Thursday, August 7, 2014

Please Subscribe: An Intimate Look Into The Lives of YouTubers [Content Creators]

There once was a time [which seems very long ago] when people would watch their favorite shows on cable and record them on a DVR provided by their cable provider.

At the time, this was cutting edge technology because you didn't have to "catch the show" at its initial broadcasting [you could record it and view the show at your convenience].

Then one day, a video-sharing website created by 3 guys called YouTube would "flip the script" and change the way we consume media. Now, YOU can be the star of your own show [and the set can be anywhere you can setup a video recorder or webcam].

Sounds like fun to me but the reality is creating compelling content is very much like producing a show on TV or for theatre. It takes a lot of imagination and even more selflessness to be vulnerable to the world.

Ever thought about creating your own YouTube content but wondered what the life is really like?  

Take a look at Please Subscribe.

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