Saturday, February 14, 2015

Do You Know Your ABC's?

With a catchy title like "Do You Know Your ABC's, you probably thought this was going to be a reminder of making sure you knew how to recite the English language alphabet from A to Z, right?

Actually, its a little different kind of reminder because in our hectic schedules, we can often forget some of the fundamental soft skills that got us where we are today. Which I hope is some form of success or happiness.

In a highly digitized modern world where entire planes go missing [Bermuda Triangle style] and NBC News "is not the name you can trust". Its easy to forget who we are as individuals when there's so much going on around us.

There's a time tested saying in Sales that says, "you should never forget your ABC's". These ABC's are not the alphabet type but the (A)lways (B)e (C)losing type. For those whose native tongue is in the English language, as a child we would play with little blocks that represented the alphabet or sang our ABC's in classroom. There's a reason why you do this often as a child because its all about practice because "practice makes perfect".

Knowing your ABC's can make all the difference in life regardless of your profession or ambitions. You don't have to be in Sales to know your ABC's and its one of the easiest things to master through consistent practice. Moreover, its also one of the fundamental oversights when we question our lives and wonder why things aren't going our way.

Like any other year, New Year's resolutions were made and forgotten, thanks to the heightened sense of time our constantly updating smartphones provide us. If there's one simple thing you can do regularly to make sure you achieve your goals in 2015 is to make sure that you should ALWAYS BE CLOSING in life.

The clip below is a harsher [and sometimes] more effective approach to the (A)LWAYS (B)E (C)LOSING mantra [thanks to Alec Baldwin's inspirational monologue].


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