Saturday, May 23, 2015

How To Persuade and Influence...

The act of persuasion has gotten such a bad rap over the years but in reality, who doesn't love to be persuaded from time-to-time?

There's nothing like going to a store or an establishment and being persuaded to purchase an item we had no intention of buying. However, the bigger question is, "why do we have to be persuaded to do anything in the first place"?

Can't we make our own decisions without being pushed into buying things we don't need or want?

Recently, while shopping I was looking at 2 cutting boards and I really wanted to go with a fancier version but had a hard time justifying why I really needed the larger cutting board one over a smaller version. To make a better decision, I spoke with a representative who specialized in cookware and they suggested [persuaded] that I consider another brand that would serve both my needs. This is a perfect example of how I sought out persuasion in order to make a better decision that I would feel comfortable making.

Persuasion is all about comfort and making one feel at ease when they might not feel this way otherwiseThe list can go about how persuasion is used to separate you from your money but how that separation occurs can be a positive or negative experience based on the value of the product, place or thing.

In this final example, what's wrong with a little amorous persuasion from a husband or partner to buy that shiny new diamond ring or vacation to The Grand Cayman Islands you've always wanted to take? More often than not, a little persuasion can keep a relationship strong and long lasting. It might not be what you had in mind or wanted to do but with a little persuasion, anything is possible.

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