Thursday, May 7, 2015

The [Honest] Truth About Dishonesty

The truth about the matter is that everybody is dishonest for their own selfish reasons on any given day. We can all think back to a particular moment in time when we told a "tall tale", embellished slightly to make the story just that more interesting or maybe to protect a loved ones feelings?

Its a character trait particularly unique to the human experience. It's no lie that governments and corporations sometimes are dishonest in the name of national security or to protect their intellectual property. Dishonesty, is often used to protect the innocent and keep those in harms way out of danger. In some cases, the news and information we receive might not be "on the level" [just ask Brian Williams] and the "name you can trust" isn't a trusted name at all, which can severely impact a personal brand.

Everyday that you leave your front door, jump on the Internet or make a decision to purchase an item, we're forced to make decisions about how honest a person or product claims to be. Advertising and marketing is all about how honest or dishonest the product being sold claims to be. If the product is all that it claims advertised, it becomes popular and the honesty index is high. If not, the product has a lower index and faltering sales are often a result of dishonest claims.

What is "acceptable" dishonesty and is there really such thing as a white lie? Why do we chose to accept some dishonesty in how we're marketed but take extreme offense when its from someone we know personally? In the natural world, "deception" is "survival of the fittest" and those animals that fail to recognize are subject to predation.

There's a famous fable of dishonesty called, "The Boy That Cried Wolf" that's been told the world over with slight variation depending on geography/culture. From childhood, we grow and dishonesty becomes more commonplace, we often forget how important this story is because it represents how [depending on what side of the truth you stand] we've become either the shepherd or the wolf in the story of our lives.

[ADDENDUM] - The Consequence of Dishonesty According To Tom Brady


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