Sunday, September 9, 2012

How To #Fail Like A #Visionary And Land On Your Feet Like A Cat

As much as we all love cats and wish we had cat-like intuition, we don't and never will (darn). So for you people thinking of jumping off something really high and landing on your feet? At best, you get a tour of an ER and meet an Emergency Room physician. If things really go wrong, your family will get to meet with your local mortician, not exactly what you had in mind.

There seems to be a lot of "failing" going on these days. That's a good thing but the reality is people aren't handling it so well. Websites like help us understand what is to fail and the many different variations of failure.

At FailureMag, you can learn about celebrity missteps, This Day In Failure and how people fail in the most epic fashion. The bottom line is that this is not a new phenomenon and we're just starting to learn as a society that failure is and can be a good thing.

Thomas J. Saporito recently wrote an article for the Harvard Business Review titled, "Why Many CEO's Can't Build Legacies Anymore". He writes, "Today, the CEO high-wire act is far more value driven, squeezing executive priorities and leaving little room for error".

In essence, they're no longer given the opportunity to fail, to learn from their mistakes and build successful organizations. If it weren't for Steve Jobs' massive failures early in his career, there would be no Apple Corporation as we know it today.

Its no secret, Steve Jobs was given many raw deals early on in his career but he had passion and a dream, he knew that failure was not an option but an opportunity. What if Steve Jobs had given up on a dream, it's hard to imagine what our world would be like without the determination of visionaries like him to teach us that, failure is success in training.

There will be moments in your journey to find your passion when you feel like giving up, questioning your self-worth, wondering what others might think of you. Keep in mind that a healthy circle of friends and positive support will pull you through difficult times.

Want to learn how to land on your feet like a cat, when you've been pushed over the edge?

Learn and master, The Way Of The Feline. Be tenacious over opposition, never give up on a goal. Have intuition and be prepared for the unexpected. Learn to balance your work/life and treat your time with respect. Cats are very consistent and rarely do they deviate from a goal. Be consistent in your daily life and have positive routines you follow (working out, study, etc).

In the wild, cats big and small fail everyday in their quest for success, you have to have the right attitude to take on failure if you want to know what it means to win. It come down to this quote from Vigil, “Fortune sides with those who dare.”


One last thing...never be afraid to take a leap of faith!

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  1. Funny, I was just reading on that exact subject before I went to bed...

    "Failure is success in training" pretty much sums it up. There is no such thing as failure. Failure is just another try that hasn't produced the expected results. It only means one thing: try again!

    Loved this article. Well said, my friend!