Sunday, September 29, 2013

#Advertising: Kids Around The World Love @Oreo Cookies!

Who doesn't like a great advertising campaign on television? When you see a great ad, it really touches the emotion of the viewer [not easy to do these days].

That's one of the great things about TV. As a society, we all have a shared experience in television [based on your geography]. This is something you can't always find on YouTube so I don't think the TV is going away anytime soon but we will have enhanced experiences [brought to you by Youtube].

Below, is a global advertising campaign for Oreo as it shows that dad [you know, dumb ole Dad] know absolutely nothing about eating an Oreo. However, even the big boys still make rookie mistakes in the world of content creation and it surprises me that there are no enhanced television experiences in this global advertising campaign [yes, they show Facebook but does that count or is that just an enhanced blog?].

In the world of transmedia, this is just the beginning of the story and a great opportunity for advertisers to continue the storyline on Youtube or create a mobile app for enhanced storytelling.

Market research show when you combine YouTube and television together, consumers are more likely to have a favorable engagement with your brand.

In the soon to be obsolete world of standard television [as we know it], it's rare that you get a chance to see the same spot being run globally so here's the same ad in multiple global markets.

South Africa

Britain [UK]



Spanish [same French actors dubbed in Spanish]


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