Sunday, May 4, 2014

#GMO A Go-Go: An Animated Tale Of Your Food

The harsh truth about food today is that we have very little knowledge about how food gets to our dinner tables. If you follow, you'll come to realize that there is a food scare somewhere in the lower 48 at any giving time.

I truly believe that in the beginning GMO's were meant to help increase the farmers yield by finding new ways to combat against pests. Pests have been a real problem with agriculture since the dawn of humanity. Prior to GMO's, there was a wide spread use of pesticides which may have had a more harmful effect of humans that we may know.

If you eat at any fast casual franchise or most sit-down style restaurant these days, you most likely are eating a GMO product. Most people don't have a problem with technology but would like to have studies done to warrant their safety and with appropriate labeling. There are many requirements in order to get the USDA Organic label/logo or your product. Shouldn't GMO's have to go through the same rigorous process in order to bring product to market?

There's no shortage of confusion and ambiguity on the market about our food industry. Here's an animated look into the past and present of GMO's [a go-go style].

Organic Whole Foods Vs GMOs

[Stomnet Media EXTRA!] Will ROBOBEES Out Swarm The Real Ones?

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