Monday, September 15, 2014

Everything Starts With #Ambition

The interesting thing about being born is that the first emotion we acquire is ambition [to be alive is to be ambitious]. Most people remember quite clearly what their early ambitions were. As with time, things change and so do ambitions but its knowing how to nourish your ambitious pursuits is critical to being able to overcome the objections that may come along the way.

Everyone is passionate about something in their life, its what makes us who we are as an individual. Nonetheless, depending on a multitude of variables, ambition is often undermined. Most of the time, the damage is self-inflicted based on experiences we may have had, what someone said or how they reacted when you shared your ambition[s].

When we share our passions with friends and family, we're really looking for validation or affirmation of our ambition[s]. Typically, if a person hasn't reached a goal in a reasonable amount of time, we lose ambition and become discouraged. Every person has to know when to increase your personal ambition [realistically] and know when to look for other pursuits that might be more attainable [based on skill, experience and passion].

With that being said, there is one thing you should NEVER do in life and that's lose the ability to be ambitious about ANYTHING you desire. Once you lose the ability to be ambitious, you lose the ability to dream the impossible. Self-doubt becomes a very close ally and dream crusher to your ambitions. Stagnation becomes a state-of-mind which leads to discontentment. Many things can be absconded from you in life but losing your ambition is to lose the essence of your individuality and self-worth.

"You'll never fly, if you're too scared of the height."
"You'll never live if you're too scared to die.".
- Hardwell ft Heather [Bright Lights] lyrics from "Never Say Goodbye"

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