Sunday, September 28, 2014

#Inspiration Can Come From Just About Anywhere [if you know where to look]

In my last post, I wrote about ambition and how its really the genesis of who we are as an individual but ambition alone cannot get you to the promised land [whatever that may mean to you]. It helps if you throw in a little bit of inspiration to see how others achieved their success.

It never hurts to be inspired by others. To be inspired by others, is to aspire for personal greatness and begin the impossible dream of a lifetime.

What does inspiration mean to you?

In today's world, simple words mean nothing, its the catchy visual mixed with compelling content that catches peoples attention. Advertisers have been struggling with this paradoxical algorithm since the dawn of humanity but its only until recently have content creation technologies and social media platforms have come together where everyone can now have a voice and create their own personal brand.

It's commonplace to see videos on YouTube but its rare to see a series of great videos of ordinary people doing extraordinary things.

Its not the great superstars of sports and entertainment that inspire us the most. Inspiration can come from just about anywhere. Most of the time, its from everyday people living their lives to the fullest and influencing others through positive interaction.

Inspiration Can Come From Just About Anywhere [if you know where to look]

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