Saturday, October 25, 2014

When Is It Time to Give Up On Your Dreams?

When we are innocent, young and inexperienced in life, we dream the impossible dream. In this period in our lives, we don't have the stigmas and social barriers placed upon us as we get older. In essence, we learn to stop dreaming because of outside forces exerting their influence upon us. Why this happens varies based on gender, education, socio-economics, the list of reasons are boundless.

Let's get something straight, "dreaming" is not about having a Ferrari, owning the biggest house on the block or any other material possession. Dreaming is about being able to have a simple notion and believing you can achieve whatever it is you wish to do.

This may sound easy enough but in reality, millions of people never have a chance to dream or they decide that dreams should remain exactly that, somewhere in thought but not in reality. As we get older, we are conditioned to dream less and be more practical in our goals. We all can think of a reason to give up on our dreams, the real fight is in not succumbing to the forces of our day-to-day realities.

People are held back from their dreams for many different reasons but the #1 reason they didn't realize their dream was...THEY GAVE UP. To be fair, the majority of people who've had real dreams gave up too soon or didn't find alternate routes to the same goal. Dream building has no time limits and is a continuous process that in some cases may take a lifetime.

It is a known fact in life that you will fail [at doing a lot of things] most of the time but being able to learn from those failures is critical towards the achievement of your dreams of tomorrow. Many people live their entire lives chasing dreams but never learn that you must be flexible. Often, having a dream coming to fruition is closer than you think but most give up too soon because "the dream" is not coming the way they envisioned it.

Dreams never come true the way they are dreamt.

There are many different paths to a destination and having the creativity, the fortitude to withstand difficult situations [over a long period of time] and the ability to reinvent yourself when you fail are all key skills you will need to achieve greatness.

You may not have heard of Maysoon Zayid [she's dreams BIG]. She has Cerebral palsy, which for some would be an instant dream crusher. We all have disabilities, some more obvious than others but one thing that Maysoon never did was give up on her dreams.

                             Age Never Got In The Way Of These Dreamers

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