Monday, November 3, 2014

When Is The Best Time [On Average] To Be An #Entrepreneur?

Anytime is the best time to be an entrepreneur [regardless of age] but being realistic, it never hurts to look at the numbers to see when people are at their best. Looking at the infographic below, one may think they're either too young or past their prime but this is just an average based on a set number of cases researched.

With data, it's best to review, see what's relevant in your circumstance and move forward as not everything will pertain to you precisely but it's always good to have valid information as you can fine tune your knowledge as you gain more experience.

Entrepreneurship is not just about business and financial gain but is a continuous state of mind that needs constant validation to remain at optimum performance. For many years, people have asked the question, "where do [good] ideas come from"? Surprisingly, this is a very personal question because if you reflect for just a moment and ask yourself the same question, its quite likely  at your most vulnerable moments alone. Its no secret that entrepreneurs do their best thinking in solitude.

Studies have shown that entrepreneurs tend to be emotionally introverted and are extremely deep thinkers. Its turning these tendencies of deep thought into action that remain the hardest part. Often, it's easy to get discouraged when you have an idea or dream, as we let others influence our paths but ultimately you must take hold of your own dreams regardless of what others might say, think or do. You [and only you] hold the key to your own dreams regardless of how young or old you are.

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